The Engines Cannae Take It…

Hi class,

Thanks for trying to make sense of what I was doing…  think we’ve all realised I was being far too ambitious. That said, it’ll allow me to hone the idea.

Here are the initial ‘rules’ with slight revisions.

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And here is the sheet with all the cards on it. I’ve already realised I have too many ‘People Cards’, and I think they are too specific, so they will be changed very quickly.Click this link to download => Read All About It

As you know, this is a work in progress, and I already have several ideas for making it work better, but I’d really appreciate any thoughts you have. Once I can get this working, I’m intending having it printed onto playing cards so it is much easier to use. We’ll look at actual Press judgements tomorrow. You can have a look for yourself by visiting the old Press Complaints Commission adjudication page here: PCC Adjudication Page.


Ironic or Hypocritical?

I’m working on the files for tomorrow’s class and keeping an eye on Twitter as I go when this retweet caught my eye. So, what do you think? Ironic or hypocritical?

sun page 3 whit

PS: I’m quite excited about what I’m trying to do for class… but I’ll need your help to make it work and improve it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, but if you have time, read through the IPSO Code of Practice for Editors and the NUJ Code of Conduct (below).


Some Goodies For You

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Just a couple of ‘treats’ for you… many more to come in class tomorrow.

First up is the Production Calendar. All the relevant dates for completing the three phases plus the write up for submitting to the SQA. You will get time in class for your making your product, but you will need to be prepared to use some of your own time as well.

PHS Media – Roles and Schedule 14-15

The other file just now is a Pre-Production Checklist. You must complete all of the tasks on it before you get to start the production itself.

PHS Pre Production Checklist

And finally, I’d just like to offer my thanks to Mr Pickavance who teaches Media at Dunblane High School. He has allowed me to adapt his Higher Media documents for you to use… much easier and quicker than me having to reinvent the wheel… again!

Hacked Off

Here’s the Panorama documentary we started watching today…

I highly recommend you take time to watch it with your documentary heads on. Consider the use of archive footage, music, and my own personal favourite, the dramatic low key lighting in the interviews to make it appear more clandestine.

*          *          *

The documents we will be working from on Monday and Tuesday are on THIS PAGE. You will not manage to read all of them, but you should be able to use an index to find the relevant sections when we start discussing what we should and/or can report. If you read nothing else, read the NUJ Code of Conduct!

I’m intending to have a fact finding research session leading to some discussions regarding the ethics and morals of some hypothetical news stories. Bring your thinking heads! 🙂

The next post will have all the docs you will need for your product! Set your timers,it should be along in about 15 minutes. Put the kettle on.

Want That To Go?

Ah… coffee and donuts!

Anyway… really interesting to hear your thoughts on today’s Sun. It is up to you to respond as you see fit, and I hope you picked up on the fact that, while I dislike much about it, I completely admire and respect their skill and inventiveness in producing the paper. Cat-uchino, anyone?

You have the hand out which points you at some of the language devices used, so take the time to look for examples of the various areas/techniques identified.


Brand responds to today's Sun front page.
Brand responds to today’s Sun front page.

As a final thought for you, and given the front cover attack on Russell Brand, do you think the newspapers have too much power, or that they can sometimes abuse that power? Before you have


made up your mind, you need to look at some of the new documents that I uploaded to the REFERENCE page. In particular, take a look at the NUJ code of conduct.

Watchmen Logo Badge

We’re going to be looking at the all important question of who regulates the press as this is essential to understanding the role of media in today’s society. Fun times! 🙂

For Lack Of A Better Word…

The Role Of Media

As you should know by now, Question 2 in the exam requires you to show knowledge and understanding of, and discuss, the role of media in society. Sadly, it’s not enough to simply say it is entertainment. Instead, you will need to have a good grasp of societal issues as well as the ownership and direction of media. There are many,many ways of investigating this, but given the potentially wide ranging nature of the question, we are going to study Rupert Murdoch, The Sun and the News of the World. In doing so, we will inevitably touch on the phone hacking scandal which is still rumbling on in the news and the courts. It is an important story with regards studying the media, and essential in understanding why we need to be aware of the power and impact of the media. At it’s heart, there is one question that I think you should be considering at all times, namely, should the media reflect society or create it? There are no definite answers, but I’m hopeful that we will be able to have quite a few interesting discussions and debates on the issue.

For starters, here’s a wee infographic from the Guardian that will give you an idea of just why Rupert Murdoch is such an important player.


Have a look at the graphic, and have this for a starter question: How many UK ‘household names’ (like The Sun) are wholly or partially owned by one of Murdoch’s companies? (You will need to do some research. Enjoy!)