Hacked Off

Here’s the Panorama documentary we started watching today…

I highly recommend you take time to watch it with your documentary heads on. Consider the use of archive footage, music, and my own personal favourite, the dramatic low key lighting in the interviews to make it appear more clandestine.

*          *          *

The documents we will be working from on Monday and Tuesday are on THIS PAGE. You will not manage to read all of them, but you should be able to use an index to find the relevant sections when we start discussing what we should and/or can report. If you read nothing else, read the NUJ Code of Conduct!

I’m intending to have a fact finding research session leading to some discussions regarding the ethics and morals of some hypothetical news stories. Bring your thinking heads! 🙂

The next post will have all the docs you will need for your product! Set your timers,it should be along in about 15 minutes. Put the kettle on.

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