Want That To Go?

Ah… coffee and donuts!

Anyway… really interesting to hear your thoughts on today’s Sun. It is up to you to respond as you see fit, and I hope you picked up on the fact that, while I dislike much about it, I completely admire and respect their skill and inventiveness in producing the paper. Cat-uchino, anyone?

You have the hand out which points you at some of the language devices used, so take the time to look for examples of the various areas/techniques identified.


Brand responds to today's Sun front page.
Brand responds to today’s Sun front page.

As a final thought for you, and given the front cover attack on Russell Brand, do you think the newspapers have too much power, or that they can sometimes abuse that power? Before you have


made up your mind, you need to look at some of the new documents that I uploaded to the REFERENCE page. In particular, take a look at the NUJ code of conduct.

Watchmen Logo Badge

We’re going to be looking at the all important question of who regulates the press as this is essential to understanding the role of media in today’s society. Fun times! 🙂

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