For Lack Of A Better Word…

The Role Of Media

As you should know by now, Question 2 in the exam requires you to show knowledge and understanding of, and discuss, the role of media in society. Sadly, it’s not enough to simply say it is entertainment. Instead, you will need to have a good grasp of societal issues as well as the ownership and direction of media. There are many,many ways of investigating this, but given the potentially wide ranging nature of the question, we are going to study Rupert Murdoch, The Sun and the News of the World. In doing so, we will inevitably touch on the phone hacking scandal which is still rumbling on in the news and the courts. It is an important story with regards studying the media, and essential in understanding why we need to be aware of the power and impact of the media. At it’s heart, there is one question that I think you should be considering at all times, namely, should the media reflect society or create it? There are no definite answers, but I’m hopeful that we will be able to have quite a few interesting discussions and debates on the issue.

For starters, here’s a wee infographic from the Guardian that will give you an idea of just why Rupert Murdoch is such an important player.


Have a look at the graphic, and have this for a starter question: How many UK ‘household names’ (like The Sun) are wholly or partially owned by one of Murdoch’s companies? (You will need to do some research. Enjoy!)

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